Linda Maye Adams

Wouldn’t an underwater Kelp Forest be cool to visit?

When I was kid, I watched Sea Hunt because underwater adventures were very cool.  Usually kelp like in the video below was a place for another diver to lay in wait for his victim.  I always thought it was a pity Sea Hunt wasn’t in color, because this kelp forest is eerily beautiful.

Keep an eye out for the dragon.


  1. When I saw your title the first thing I thought of was Lloyd Bridges being trapped in a kelp forest and cutting his way out with his dive knife. In fact I think it would be really nice to be diving in there. Reminds me of the sunken forests in Lake Ouachita, Ark. Hope to get in there this year. Good blog.


    • You know that the series is out on DVD? I can’t believe that Lloyd Bridges was in his 50s when he filmed that. He has an amazing physic.


      • During Desert Storm our softball team in Dhahran hosted the SEALS every Wednesday night. I asked the Lt Commander that brought the teams into Kingdom why he went into the SEALS. He said because of Sea Hunt.


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