Zombies in Los Angeles

This is a public service announcement from the Los Angeles Police Department, but seriously, it has zombies.  Brrraaaaiiinnns!

Hmm.  Maybe I could do a zombie story with soldiers.

One thought on “Zombies in Los Angeles

  1. First of all, Mathair and I are laughing our asses off. That was awesome. Second, those stats are crazy! 400 x’s?! Wow. We live in the middle of nowhere, but Mathair was a born and raised Miamian and she programmed me and my brother to never leave the car, the house or anything else unlocked. No offense to big city lovers or residents, but there are quite a few perks to small town living. We have absolutely zero zombie theft incidences. Though, ironically enough, we’ve had an increase in vampire assault. Go figure.


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