Seasonal Changing of the Military Uniform

In an area where the seasons change, the military uniforms change with the seasons.  But it’s not like the soldier looks out the window and decides to put on a field jacket today because it’s cold or rolls up her uniform sleeves because it’s warm out.  Every change in the uniform was directed, so everyone looks alike.

We wore Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) for our regular work.  Every morning, we’d have a formation where the First Sergeant or Company Commander put out information.  When the post commander decided it was time to roll up our sleeves for summer, it would be sent down to all the commanders.  On the specified day, our first sergeant would tell us to roll up our sleeves.  Then we would all jump to getting them rolled up and helping anyone who was having trouble.  After that, we reported to work every day in sleeves rolled up until some point during the fall when the post commander decided we should roll down our sleeves again and the whole process repeated itself.

The same thing applied when we went to Desert Storm.  We had both the BDUs and the Desert Camouflage Uniforms (DCU), but because supplies were low from the mass build up, we were only able to get two DCUs.  So our first sergeant picked two days that we would wear the DCUs and the rest were BDUs.  The only exception was this one sergeant who was unable to get any DCUs.  He was very tall, and they didn’t have any in his size, so he just wore BDUs and stood out in green in formation!