Photos: Reflecting Pool at the Capitol

I come back from sunny Southern California and get not one, but three snowstorms, plus snow in Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Capitol taken from the mall.
The Capitol

This was taken from the Mall, which stretches almost to the Capitol and back to Lincoln’s monument. It was 23 out, and yet, there were still tour buses driving around. Brave tourists!

The sky is a pretty blue here, but it’s a prelude to a snow storm that came in the following day, just in time for rush hour.  The weather always knows the most inconvenient time to misbehave.

Seagulls on the frozen Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool outside the Capitol

This is the Reflecting Pool out in front of the Capitol. I was really surprised to see those seagulls out there. The pool was nearly frozen over, except for a small patch of water. The seagulls just perched on the frozen sections. Unlike the ones in Morro Bay that wouldn’t even move for a car, these took off at the slightest sight of Human.  I was trying to photograph the one in the air, but he took off.  Still got a nice shot of him though!

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