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I’m wrapping up the A to Z challenge with a list of my posts about military in case you missed any of them:

Least Likely to be in the Army

First Day at Basic Training

Hauling Soldiers in a Cattle Car

Drill and Ceremonies, or all that marching

Explosive ordnance, pilots, and other things women do in the military

Do MREs count as Food?

What it’s like to wear a Gas mask

What it’s like when the war takes you away from Home

The day I got a Red Cross message during Desert Storm

Just a minute — I’m a ghost soldier?

Keeping up with the services: Reserves, Army, Oh My!

Lost in the woods with a Lieutenant

what it’s like to carry an M16

so Not ready — scariness on army guard duty

There’s Organizing my way and then there’s the army’s way

The Practicality of the army uniform

living Quarters in desert storm

The military wake up call: Revillie

Scariest thing that happened to me in the army

Tent fire in desert storm

Air war: Unknown in the distance

Where are the voices of the Women veterans

Washing clothes in Desert Storm

Xray! Xray! The military alphabet

Yes, It takes 20 years to talk about War

Watch for my A to Z Reflections on May 5.  Then I’ll resume military posts on May 12 with “What it’s like coming home from war.”

If you want to read about my continuing military adventures (or misadventures as the case may be), check out the blog on Mondays.

Plus some of my publications with women soldiers:

War Happens – part of a collection called Red, White, and True, which is being published in August, 2014.

Review of the book Redeployment – Washington Independent Review of Books.

Six Bullets – a fantasy short story in the anthology A Princess, A Boatman, and a Lizard.

A Soldier’s Magic – a contemporary fantasy short story in the anthology The Darkness Within.

Grateful Gift to Any Soldier – Washington Post.

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  1. Nice list, I need to make mine. Started it in the beginning with the idea of adding each day, but somehow didn’t do it, so now I have more work on my hands. Errrrrr. Just wrapping up my visits/comments for a-z, as I missed a few days of being able to the 5 visits per letter while out of town. I am also continuing the a-z style blogging in May


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