Getting stuck in traffic saved my bacon

Sometimes timing is everything!

Many years ago, I worked at a Straw Hat Pizza in Burbank, CA. I was working the lunch shift that day and got off at 2:00. I was starving, so I decided to stop off at a Kentucky Fried Chicken that was on the way.

But I got caught in traffic and ended up running late.

“We were held up!’ the employees gushed to me. still flushed with the excitement of what had happened. They told me what time it had happened.

If it hadn’t been for the traffic, I would have walked in on it.

This is for a prompt from The Daily Post: Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

5 thoughts on “Getting stuck in traffic saved my bacon

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  3. Some years ago when I was living in Boston, My sister and I went way out to pick up my new puppy. We were gone a long time getting there, choosing the puppy, and coming back, and when we got back to the apartment building, there were police everywhere. A murder had been committed in the apartment next to mine, and the police wanted to know if we could tell them anything. No. We weren’t here, we told the first policeman who questioned us. A little later, another policeman questioned us, but the first policeman told him that we didn’t know anything and to let us go. We were so grateful that we missed it…


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