Yes to all women

If you haven’t looked at it, check out the hashtag #Yestoallwomen. It was prompted by the California shootings and the killer’s hatred of women, and it’s shocked a lot of men because they don’t realize what women have to deal with.  From the Washington Post:

The #YesAllWomen Twitter campaign is powerful. And necessary. It tells the stories we keep to ourselves, and it takes back a Twitterverse that is so often used as a space to intimidate, harass and threaten women.

So here’s a few stories that I’m not keeping to myself:

A Girl in School

From elementary school to junior high, I wore shorts underneath my dresses in case the guys got stupid.

In high school, I had to ride the bus to get home every day.  One day, this guy sat next to me and started groping me.  Every time I moved seats, he moved seats.  I had an umbrella, and I hit him with it.  Every passenger on the bus ignored what he was doing. The bus driver ignored it.  I ended up getting off an exit early to get away from him and hoping he wasn’t going to follow me.

A Woman in the Army

During the three day a week physical training session, I ran until I was exhausted.  I didn’t know I had flat feet and arches that dropped, making it ten times harder for me to run.  Yet, according to some of the male soldiers, I was loafing or not trying hard enough.  Yet, it was perfectly okay if the men walked.

After one such run, a male soldier wearing a road guard vest told me , “I can make you run faster.  I’ll put raw meat on your back and set a doberman on you.”  He thought it was pretty funny.

A friend who was a Marine had to put up with sexual harassment from her male Marines.  She told me she couldn’t complain because word would get around that she wasn’t a team player.

She also reported that the women were always harassed about their weight.  They were driven to the point where some had 1% body fat and everyone was always on them about not gaining any weight, even though some were at an unhealthy weight.

A friend came back from deployment broken.  She’d been the only female in her unit, and the men had harassed every single day while she deployed.

Some stories need to be heard.


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