Week 3 of a Story-A-Week

Week 3’s Story: Contemporary Fantasy


  1. Finish an unfinished story:  I picked one I had started last year and hadn’t finished, for the purpose of not leaving unfinished work.
  2. Sense of motion:  I just randomly picked this as an element to play with in the story.  A lot of times, something I see that week influences me, like Jami Gold’s post on the senses.

It came in at about 2,100 words.

I’m not sure if I accomplished the first goal or not.  I started the original story with the intent to build it out of the setting, and it turned really dark — so dark that I couldn’t figure out how to resolve it.  So I was picking parts I could use, only I couldn’t make them work together without the ending being awfully convenient.  Then organic writer muse kicked in, and the story changed very dramatically.

I’ll admit though that I wasn’t sure I was going to get the story done by the end of the week.  I was fried by work for three days, and I couldn’t initially get around the problems the convenience was causing.  I had to keep telling myself I couldn’t just walk away like the first time.  I jotted ideas in my composition book all week, and on Friday, the story started jelling.  I wrote about half of it on Saturday and the rest on Sunday.

Sightings around Virginia …

A dark stairway cuts between a dense growth of trees and bushes.
Doesn’t this look creepy? It’s actually a nature center path that’s pretty overgrown. Once Virginia growing season kicks off, it overgrows very fast.


Deer sitting under a bush.
I spotted the brown and was stunned to find this deer simply sitting under the bushes. He stared at me a long time, and then finally his ears started twitched. I watched him, and he watched me, and I took pictures.

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