What it’s like for a soldier to parachute (video)

No!  It’s not me!  I’d be too scared to do this, and I don’t know how the former President Bush did something like this at the age of 90.  Several airborne soldiers I knew reported that the experience was terrifying.

But jumping out of planes is a volunteer thing; it’s not like the army will point at Jane Private Truck Driver and say, “You just ‘volunteered’ to jump out of a plane.”  The soldier has to sign up for and be accepted for Airborne, and then they go to school.  Before Desert Storm, one of the women soldiers had signed up for it.

So enjoy the video!

LANGUAGE WARNING: The Canadian soldier discovers about halfway through that he’s headed for the trees, so there’s some language about halfway.

Would you volunteer to parachute of a plane?


3 thoughts on “What it’s like for a soldier to parachute (video)

  1. Lisa

    I would consider (maybe) trying this in a FUN setting – not a combat one! It has to be scary as hell, but exhilarating!


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