Story a Week: Week 5

Actually, it probably should be a project a week, since this week ended up being a poem.  I used to write poetry when I was kid, and it was kind of fun.  But somewhere along the way, I stopped because I wasn’t very good with rhyme or rhythm, and I never returned to it.

Then I wrote one last week while I was on the train, and it was kind of fun.  This week, I was planning to write flash fiction, also literary, but I ran across an anthology call for non-fiction and poetry on Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers mailing list.  It pays pretty well and would be a professional publication.

But the subject was so specific that if I wrote a non-fiction piece for it, I might not be able to find another home for it if it gets rejected.  Whenever I do something for an anthology call theme, I always add a secondary theme to help it be more marketable.

A second issue that cropped up though was that while I would probably be the only person writing from this particular perspective, I wasn’t quite feeling like I could tell a story about the topic.  It was more about the emotions.

So enter a poem.


  1. Try writing poetry.
  2. Don’t use any standard colors associated with the topic.

I also got a book from the library called Writing Poetry From the Inside Out, which turned out to be an interesting resource.  It has word groupings in the back for poetry inspiration, and I may steal them for stories.

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