Project a Week: Week 5

When I started the week, I wanted to do a science fiction story.  I watched the lecture “How to Think Like a Science Fiction Writer,” which talks about how to write science fiction if you don’t have a science background.  That fit me perfectly.

The idea was do something with living under the sea.  When I was kid, Sea Hunt was in reruns on TV, and I loved the adventures of Mike Nelson.  Then there was Primus, which followed up from Sea Hunt, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  That aired in the 1960s, but when into reruns in Los Angeles when Star Trek fandom kicked off and all things science fiction.  It was just plain fun to have adventures in such a colorful and beautiful environment.


Fish and coral at the Virginia Beach Aquarium
Fish at the Virginia Beach Aquarium


But it’s requiring some time with the research, so I opted for a poem as a project again.  I have to build up a supply of poems if I want to submit them; most magazines seem to want 3-5 poems submitted at once.  Plus, I’m finding they’re a fun way of approaching different elements in my writing.  Scratching a different itch as it were.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on my contemporary fantasy novel (set on an alternate reality of Hawaii; are we sensing an ocean trend here?).

I got my advance copy of Red, White, and True: Stories from Veterans and Families, World War II to Present this week.  It’s an awesome book that not only deals with the perspectives of soldiers (and there’s more than one female soldier.  Rocking!), but it has grandparents and different wars.