Rabbit on the Army Menu

I was surprised to hear on the radio today that Whole foods decision to sell rabbit is such a big deal.  It’s even getting protests.

The reason I’m surprised is because rabbit has been on the Army’s master menu.  I don’t know if it still is, but it definitely was in the early 1990s.  Now, if you know anything about how the government works, deciding what went on this menu would have gone through many hands and been vetted and changed before anyone down the chain saw it.  The fact that rabbit wound up on the menu probably means that it’s popular in the places most of the soldiers came from (possibly also that it was popular at the time the menu was created, but the Army hadn’t gotten around to changing it!).

One of my additional duties was to be on the Dining Facility Council.  I ate in the Mess Hall, so I was happy to make suggestions so my eating would improve.  At the time, we had a mess sergeant was actually pretty receptive.  I suggested adding cream cheese for the bagels, and it was in the Mess Hall for breakfast in a few weeks.  He also mentioned the master menu the Army had, so I was curious and asked to see it.

That’s how I found out rabbit was on the menu, alongside of the Chili Mac and Breaded Veal.  Granted, I had never seen it served in the Fort Lewis Mess Halls.  I also wasn’t about to do any food experimenting if it was made in an Army mess hall.  I still remember Southern food day.  They’d gotten a new mess sergeant, and she thought to make all Southern food for dinner.

What she didn’t think about was that some types of food are an acquired taste.  Like pigs feet, which was the main course.

They ran out of hot dogs and hamburgers.

I imagine the same thing would have happened if they’d tried serving rabbit.

One thought on “Rabbit on the Army Menu

  1. Cliff Kolb

    Greetings, I was stationed in Fulda, Germany at Downs Barracks along the old East/West German border during the late 80s to early 90s. Rabbit is traditionally a common dish in Germany. You might remember Buggs Bunny avoiding being turned into Hasenpfeffer..
    Anyways, rabbit was frequently served in the mess hall typically prepared in similar manner as fried chicken. I found it to be quite tasty and actually generally preferred it to the chicken they served. Allons! 1/11 ACR!


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