When accidents happen in the army

One of the things that a soldier constantly hears is about safety.  If you go to the firing range, you hear a safety briefing.  If you are driving a truck, you get a safety briefing.  Obviously, this is important because we’re dealing with some very dangerous equipment like rifles and trucks with 6 foot tall wheels.

During truck driver training (called Advanced Individual Training for Motor Transport Operators), this older dark-skinned man was giving us a lecture on some aspect of training.  Of course, because it was training, the army was doing it’s best to keep us exhausted, so we were all struggling not to doze off in the classroom.  Suddenly he got really upset at us, and his voice trembled in his anger.

Then he told us a story about an accident he’d seen.  He was retired military, and he had been on a convoy, following behind another truck.  The truck was a deuce and half truck, which you’ve seen in war films.  It’s the truck with a large, canvas cover draped over the back and soldiers inside.

As he watched, the truck drifted off the road and went down the embankment.  All the soldiers were killed, and he’d seen people he’d known die.

Most people don’t think much about safety.  “It won’t happen to me,” or “We work in an office.  What could happen here?”   They can happen anywhere to anyone, and sometimes they can be quite strange, like this one at an Oklahoma military base.  Someone at SciFy channel will probably now create a film about a deadly foam tornado that goes through a major city…


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