What’s Coming for My Writing in 2015

That’s actually a good question, and I can’t predict what will happen with my writing side.  I hope to write 10 books in 2015.  It’s a big goal, and I might not be able to do all of them, but if I do half, I’m doing really good.  Especially considering that it took years to try to write a book before.

I am going Indie in 2015.  I’ve kind of wandered around that goal in the last year, but never stepped close to it.  But this year is the anniversary of Desert Storm.  Twenty-five years.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  Within a few years of coming home, I wanted to write about book about my experiences, but it did take that long to be able to process the events to do it.  The book is actually comprised of the blog posts from the Desert Storm series, plus some additional ones and a poem I wrote on the day of the ground war.

I’m not sure if the anniversary will do anything itself.  Desert Storm has been largely forgotten, so it may just be a speed bump.  Or it could be big news.  So I’m hoping to at least to have the book available if the opportunity presents itself.  Still working on the cover, but I’ll post that when it’s done.  That book is called Soldier, Storyteller.  Naming it was hard!  I wanted something that said “women at war,” but there were too many books called all the expected titles like “Sisters-in-Arms,” and I don’t want it to be hard to find!

The second book will be Rogue God, a contemporary fantasy.  I think monsters are cool, so it has monsters.  I love watching the Godzilla movies, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Them!  Giant ants in Los Angeles Cover for New Robot Smellsewers.  The cover for that one has been challenging because I want to have the setting in the cover, and the setting is a little too romantic for monsters.  After all, these monsters aren’t the hugging types.

So my first cover is for a short story I wrote called “New Robot Smell.”  Isn’t that graphic of the robot awesome?  I made this using stock images and Photoshop Elements (that’s a version of Photoshop for home users, which works well for me).

Most of my schedule for releasing these is going to be dependent on other things.  I’m currently on the hunt for an editor.  I haven’t been happy with what I’m seeing.  I ran across one at a con, checked out the site, and wanted to run in the other direction.  It was too focused on editing beginners.  That kind of says to me, rightly or wrongly, that they’re going to try to sell me services to tell me how to revise my novel when all I want is basic editing.

Cost will also be an issue, since I’ll have to budget in what and when I can get editing done.

However, I plan to go into as a hobbyist at the start.  Parts of this are scary enough that I don’t want the additional scariness of starting a business to derail it.  It’s a pretty big step for me to go from taking years to produce a novel, to producing one hopefully once every 1-2 months.  Plus I have additional learning to do on writing the promotion copy because it has to look like it came out of a publishing house in New York.  I’ve seen way too many indies just plop text from their book in that promotion copy.  So I’m going to be learning a whole lot in 2015!


3 thoughts on “What’s Coming for My Writing in 2015

  1. It’s a good idea to focus on the anniversary link. There’ll be a variety of people interested because of their military backgrounds, their parents’ military backgrounds, the historical interest, … .


  2. Pearl R. Meaker

    Hi Linda,

    I love that cover! You did a great job of it. 🙂

    I’d like to recommend a book to you. “Self Publishing Success” by Mary Rosenblum. http://www.amazon.com/Self-Publishing-Success-Mary-Rosenblum/dp/1927559227/

    She is a very experienced writer, writing instructor, editor and writing coach. She is very on top of what’s happening in the self publishing world. I know her personally as I took a novel writing course from her and she is now my editor and writing coach. Her website is – The New Writers Interface http://www.newwritersinterface.com/ – but she works with writers at all levels, especially when it comes to the self publishing since there are many authors who are moving from working with a publisher to going indie and many of them are needing some guidence.

    Mary’s a gem!


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