Flash Fiction For Your Reading Pleasure

I have a fantasy flash fiction story called “Light in the Window” posted over at Writer Unboxed for their contest.  Wander over if you’re interested, and vote for it if you like it.

I started this story with the intent to get all five senses into the story (hard to do with only 250 words).  Research was quick: I started with a place I’d seen, which was the Officer’s Hut at Fort Ward, Alexandria, which is a Civil War museum.  Most of the time when you see places where people lived in the past on TV, they’re huge (probably owing to the need for a camera and the actors to move around).

Then it was off for some quick candle research.  The writing was a bit more challenging, because I have to nibble at the words to get it to stay within the 250 word requirement.  I think of it as the show Chopped.  Sometimes you’ll see this one chef, and he’ll finish a few minutes early.  Then there’s usually a problem because he did finish too early.  So I try to use as much of the 250 words as possible to make sure I get everything in!

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