Desert Storm War Memorial

I ran across this article today on a proposed Desert Storm Memorial in Washington, DC.  Right now, they’re trying to find land in the area.  For some reason, I haven’t heard of this before, even though they clearly had some events here in Washington, DC.  But I also don’t look around for veteran’s events.

Would I visit the memorial once it’s completed?

I have mixed feelings here.  The Wall, which was for the Vietnam War, had a healing quality because the war became so controversial that the returning veterans had not been welcomed back.  The Wall said recognized what they did was important, so it was more than just honoring the dead — it was healing a scar.

I’ve been to it about twice, to the World War I memorial once (they’re trying to raise money for a national one), the World War II memorial twice, and the Korea one twice.

I think a lot of the memorials since have been trying to capture what The Wall did, and I don’t think they can.  That was a very different time in history, and it came at the right time when people needed it.  People were not just damaged by the war, but by the treatment of society after war.

So if I’m still in the area when it finally gets built, I’ll probably visit it once for the initial visit, and then, like the other memorials, wander by because I happen to be in the area.

Here’s the official site for the memorial if you want to donate money.



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