My Family’s Historical House on PBS!

My family’s historical house in Wisconsin is going to be part of a PBS special this week!  The house was built by my great-great grandfather Havilah Babcock, who was one of the four founders of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  He started out as a dry goods merchant and had an eye for fabrics, which translates out into what’s in the house.  No one in the family changed a thing.

This is a commercial from the special, which has other houses as well.  Only one clip of the interior of the house appears: It’s at the :19 mark.

The link to where the videos will be posted is here:

The cover for the DVD they are selling features the house.

Edited to add this interview about the documentary.  The photo at the top is in the house.  My uncle is to the left.  They’re in the dining room, and the blue curtains in the background are the sitting room.

3 thoughts on “My Family’s Historical House on PBS!

  1. Lisa

    How awesome! Historical homes are always so full of character and warmth. I clicked the link – it is the one with the really cool tower & witch hat roof?


  2. Pearl R. Meaker

    How totally awesome! And so wonderful that the house is owned and lived in by your family. I always feel so sad when beautiful old homes go to wreck and ruin. It’s a beautiful home. 🙂


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