Saturday Morning Cartoons, Linda Style

The Desert Storm veterans on Facebook are, curiously, talking about Saturday morning cartoons they watched. So these are some of mine:

The Secrets of Isis

I believe this was the first woman superhero on TV, and there still hasn’t been that many. Including Isis, I think I can count them on one hand. The title character was an Egyptian goddess who worked through a school teacher. They probably used this type of character because the King Tut exhibit was making the rounds during that time. It hit Los Angeles in 1976, and I went on a school trip to see it. So Ancient Egypt was in the news.

In watching it as a adult, the stories are kind of bland. Kids getting into trouble, and Isis having to rescue them.

Her costume is quite short — apparently the actress was cast for her legs — and there is absolutely no cleavage. The high heels are like four inches. Honestly, I don’t know how one superheroes in such a short skirt without embarrassment. And those heels? Not exactly useful for an action hero.

In perspective of the time though, this was a great character because there wasn’t anything for girls.

Star Trek

Which is now called Star Trek: The Animated series in DVD. It was done by Filmation. It was a cartoon that did not have kid trappings. Adults could watch it and not cringe (I can’t say that for all cartoons).

Because it was a cartoon and not with real actors (except for the voices), they could have aliens that were not humanoid because there’s that limitation of the person playing the role. My favorites are the ones that gave more roles to the women characters like The Lorelei Signal and The Slaver Weapon.

Jonny Quest

This, of course, had already aired long before I saw it. But it was awesome action cartoon with a blend of science and a cute dog.

As an adult, I got the DVD and was astounded at the animation quality. There are shadows, and the clothes have wrinkles. You just don’t see animation like this.

My favorite episode is the one with the invisible monster.  That was way cool.  And jet packs!

I would have liked to see girl characters in it, because it was really only about boy adventures, but I didn’t like how they did it in the later version. It just felt like someone said “We need to have a girl character,” and it felt shoehorned in, rather than carefully thought out to respect the characters and the story.

Hands down, the best opening and closing credits for a cartoon and right up there with live action shows favorites.

All these are on DVD now, so it’s been fun watching some of the old ones. Some have aged very well.

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