Photos of Our Camp from Desert Storm

My computer failed in December, and I ended up paying to recover files from it.  Some of these were scanned in photos from Desert Storm.  These were taken in January, 1991, when we were 43 miles (!) from the border of Kuwait.  I was told at the time it was 70km, which sounded a whole lot better.

The first one was our battalion.  You can see how flat and devoid of landmarks it is.  One day, one of the companies packed up and left.  That night, when I came out of the latrine, I was disoriented for a few minutes because the tent landmarks were gone!


Army tents in the Saudi Arabia desert


This was our supply tents, or rather tents.  At this point during the war, they moved it out of the living quarters and used three small tents tied together.  I called it “Triple Peak Supply.”

Sunset in Saudi Arabia over military tents

Except for our time at Cabin Village and then at Eskon Village, this was pretty much our living conditions while we were there.  Can you imagine living in a tent for six months?

5 thoughts on “Photos of Our Camp from Desert Storm

  1. Pearl R. Meaker

    Looks like miles and miles of miles and miles! I’m not that into tent living in the best of conditions. I’m grateful to our service personnel for all they go through to help keep us, and other people, safe.


    1. Yeah, it was a lot of empty space. I remember one of the first things the leadership wanted to do before we deployed was to get a map of the terrain. The military maps show mountains, cliffs, and depressions. The one of Saudi Arabia showed one color, with a line for a road cutting through the middle.


      1. Pearl R. Meaker

        How charming! LOL I think I stay where I’m at. 😉 When my son was over there he sent home a photo that showed one tent, a porta-john and a Humvee – and nothing else in sight. He said he was sure glad that wasn’t his assignment!


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