New Covers: “Booby-Trap” and “Layers”

I’ve been working on my cover for my short story, “Booby-Trap,” which turned out to take longer than I thought it would.  The image itself was hard to find because most of the images of women in fantasy involve clothing that wouldn’t even count as a bikini.

I finally settled on an image that I thought would do the job for the setting.  However, when I started building the cover, I couldn’t sample any of the colors to do the titles.  Sampling is when you use a color already in the image.  In this case, I couldn’t get enough contrast on any of the colors.  The titles and my name were hard to read!

So back to the drawing board to find a different image.  Since the story is steampunk, I looked at a lot of images.  Most involved women in garter belts.  I finally flipped it to Photos only and found the one below.

And I still ended up with the same problem — getting enough of the contrast.  I finally expanded the picture bigger and then cloned the spots to a darker color where I was having the most trouble.

Cover is below, finally!

Cover - Booby-Trap - May 2015

The second one was more difficult simply because of the topic, September 11.  The original article was published by Holly Lisle in Together We Stand on the first year anniversary. I was in Washington, DC when the plane crashed into the Pentagon, and Iived close enough to see the smoke from the fires.  So I wasn’t sure when the call was put out that I could actually write it, and yet, it just came out.

It’s time now that it be resurrected.

For the cover, I started by looking at other 911 books.  Most featured the New York skyline or the twin towers.  Since mine was about Washington, DC, NY skyline was out.  I also didn’t like a lot of the options when I searched for 911 and September 11.  All of those choices were clearly NY, and I didn’t want to put a rose on the cover.  So I went with a Washington DC skyline.

Those are getting ready to go to the copy editor as soon as they come up for air from the holiday.

Cover - Layers2 - May 2015


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