Covers, Covers, and More Covers

It’s a lot of fun putting together the covers.  I like hunting down the images and playing around with them.  The only danger is that I have to be careful not spending too much time working on them (like research disease, only graphics disease).

My first cover for June is for a steampunk short story called “Curse of the Cat” (coming out in July).  The was inspired by a very old story I ran across about a painting of a cat that caused men to commit suicide.

Cover art for Curseo of the CatA Writer’s Guide to Military Culture started life as a workshop I did on Forward Motion about three years ago (yes, I like color!).  That’s on tap for the next copy edit, so it’ll be out later in June.

Writer's Guide to Military Culture


4 thoughts on “Covers, Covers, and More Covers

    1. I did look for a cat picture, but couldn’t find a steampunk type one I liked (considering there was only one, and it wasn’t suitable for a cover). But I’ll have a cat with a ball of yarn on my Pantsers Guide to Writing book.

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  1. I like them both.

    I might have to pick up the Military Culture guide. I expect one day to write something that has military elements, and information on the topic would definitely be useful–especially if aimed at writers.


    1. I was really surprised when I gave the original class at how many people were interested in the topic. I don’t think a lot of people are talking about it (which might be to my benefit!).


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