Publication Schedule — Books for Release

This is a list of my books coming out for the next few months.

June 2015

Writer's Guide to Military Culture

A Writer’s Guide to Military Culture

This was from an online class I did for Forward Motion in 2012.

July, 2015

Cover art for Curseo of the Cat

Curse of the Cat

A Steampunk fantasy short story

Cover - Layers2 - May 2015

Layers: A Desert Storm Veteran and September 11

It’s surprising to think that we aren’t that far away from the 20th anniversary.  This was originally published in a collection curated by Holly Lisle called Together We Stand in 2002.

August, 2015

Cover for Panters Guide to Writing You are Not BrokenPantser’s Guide to Writing: You are not broken!

There are only TWO other books for people who don’t outline by people who write that way.

The other two:

  • Story Trumps Structure by Steven James
  • Writing into the Dark by Dean Wesley Smith

Soldier, Storyteller: A Woman Soldier Goes to War

Soldier, Storyteller: A Woman Soldier Goes to War

This is a compilation of my blog posts from last year, but it also includes some additional entries and a poem that did not appear on the blog.

6 thoughts on “Publication Schedule — Books for Release

    1. I’ll have to look at Lawrence Block, but I thought Stephen King’s book was more of a biography with general writing tips than techniques focused on helping writers who don’t outline.


      1. Peggy

        As I recall, King’s book is about 70% biographical, with the remainder talking about how he writes. The process he describes is, to my eye, very organic/natural. You’re right, then, that it’s not “techniques focused on helping writers who don’t outline,” but I found it reassuring to know that someone as successful as King wrote the way I did.


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