Publications for July

My short story The Stones Next Door is out in Tales of Talisman.Cover for Tales of the Talisman

This story was inspired by a rather odd historical site in my area, a graveyard .  The graveyard’s always been there, and is sealed off with a heavy duty iron fence.  The stones are probably limestone, and they’re eroded, broken, and falling over.

Developers built a house behind it.  Because of the way this is all laid out, the graveyard is what you see, not the house.  Can you imagine giving directions to your house — just look for the graveyard?

Also out for July:

Cover art for Curseo of the Cat

Curse of the Cat

Edward Wight still has dreams from a war twenty years past, but his new nightmare is a cursed painting. Everyone who comes in contact with this artist’s work dies. Edward’s only chance at a different fate lies with Maz, a widow who specializes in newfangled inventions, but she must act fast—he’s running out of time.

Cover - Layers2 - May 2015

Layers: A Desert Storm Veteran and September 11

On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever when four planes crashed, including one that struck the Pentagon in Washington, DC.
Linda Maye Adams describes the events of the day in Washington DC from a Desert Storm veteran’s perspective. This story moves chronologically through what happened and how it impacted the people who lived in that area, capturing the emotion of an unforgettable day.




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