Women at Sea

3This time, we’ve got a photo from the Coast Guard.  Everyone usually kind of forgets the Coast Guard when they talk about the military. The silhouetted soldier is a very iconic image, but this is the first time I’ve seen an image like this that uses a woman.

Silhouette of woman officer using a sextant at the rail of ship
Officer Candidates training.

My comments: Little known fact about me.  Before I enlisted in the Army, I was into Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fandom.  I had really had burned myself out badly trying to write for Hollywood (unsuccessfully), and fan fiction became a way to get back into writing.  I edited the zine The Seaview Sextant.

2 thoughts on “Women at Sea

  1. Thanks for the photo, Linda. As a matter of fact my father served in the Coast Guard during WWII, and at one point he and his crewmates were stationed on Gooney Bird Island. I didn’t learn until later that it was actually the French Frigate Shoals.


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