US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard

Take a few minutes and watch this video of the Navy’s Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard. This is the elite of drill and ceremonies for the military, and frankly, this is awesome.

Drill and ceremonies is not easy to learn. It starts with marching in basic training, and the drill sergeants have to tell the recruits to hold up their right hand because it’s easy to turn the wrong way. I always had a terrible time marching, so much so that it was what concerned leadership the most. I have absolutely no sense of timing–I’d invariably end up out of step with everyone else. I’d try watching the feet of the person in front of me, listen to the cadence caller, and if there was a drum, try to listen to that. Somehow the timing of it never translated well for me!

One thought on “US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard

  1. Lisa

    They have to spend a gazillion hours on this. I just noticed for the first time – with the exception of the Lieutenant they are all E1 or E2s, I wonder how they got into this practically right out of bootcamp?


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