I’m a size 12 or large or a medium or a small or an extra small

I’ve been trying to buy a few clothes for the cruise coming up, and also because the weather is starting to change. I don’t think tank tops will work really well when the temperature starts to drop.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been looking for is cocktail pants (which I kept typing as cocktail paints.  Hmm.  Maybe a title for a story?).  There are are two formal events on the cruise, and I really don’t do dresses.  Pants would be something I could use elsewhere, but a dress would likely stay in the closet.

Plus, with my flat feet, I can’t wear certain types of shoes—which is pretty much all women’s shoes.

Well, I still could, but I would be hobbling around within about five minutes of putting them on. I hated the Army pumps we had to wear with the class A’s—I was in so much pain that an officer growled at me that I was a disgrace to the uniform (well, yeah, you try jamming the widest part of your foot into a point).

So I’m hoping the pants will hide the shoes, and the cruise staff won’t turn me away for footwear. It’d be one of these:

A pair of black tennis shoes and a pair of sandals.
My “formal wear” shoes. These both are made by the same company, for flat feet. The shoe salesman (a retired podiatrist) said that there’s very little for flat feet that looks good.

Anyway, Macy’s had three different cocktail pants on their website, but no one in the store knew what I was talking about. I did find four shirts, all in medium, that will be good for the fall. I can use two of them for the evening dining.

Four long sleeved shirts: Purple and black in back, pinkish orange and blue in front
The one on the left is an orangish-pink. I kept looking at it and saying, “No, I don’t look good in orange” (like pumpkin orange). But I was drawn to the color, so I tried it on and was happy with how it looked. The purple and black would be for the cruise.

I also found a sleeveless sweater I liked. Tried on the medium. Too big. Tried on the small. Too big. Tried on the extra small. Just right.

I’m guessing I’m going to order the pants online from the store, but as you can see, I have reasons to be wary.

Store #2 was one of those ones that gets brands after they’re out of season, so really cheap. They had Calvin Klein evening wear that was dressy pants. However, it was part of what was a maxi dress style, so one piece, and it was clearly designed for a woman who was five inches taller than me. The crotch of the pants was down around my knees, and the hems still pooled around my ankles. I wasn’t even sure I could get it altered in a way where I could wear it.

So I looked at some cocktail dresses. I picked black, tried those on. None of them fit well—they all seemed to be designed for someone who is shaped like a stick, and I’m definitely not stick-shaped!

That’s one of the things I don’t like about buying clothes. There’s no standard for women’s sizes, so the companies all go for vanity sizes. That means it varies from brand to brand, with everyone competing for increasingly smaller numbers that make people feel good but don’t mean anything.

I just want clothes that fit with guessing at the sizes!  Is that too hard to ask for?

And done: I bought the pants online. They were on sale, and a really good deal on the sale, so I pulled the plug on them. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wearing white’s kind of scary, too.

One thought on “I’m a size 12 or large or a medium or a small or an extra small

  1. Pearl R. Meaker

    Womens’ clothes sizing is totally stupid. I wish they would just use measurements like they do with mens’ clothes and have done with it. 🙂

    And shoes just seem to be a nightmare as well – even if one doesn’t have any particular foot issues.

    I’m glad you found what you needed. 🙂



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