Habits of the Military

Wander on over and have a look at 10 Military Habits that Make Soldiers Stand Out.  Check out the comments, too, to see additional habits that turn up.

I picked out a few of them here:

Walking too fast.  Yup.  Walking in the military was “walk with a purpose,” which meant walk faster.  I’m in a mall and find that I’m walking much faster than the rest of the crowd.  I’m trying to slow it down because it will probably be better for my feet.

Eating too fast.  Yup.  In basic training, you stood in line, got food, sat down, started eating, and then the drill sergeants were screaming for us to move.  So we were gulping stuff down in line.  We didn’t have drill sergeants screaming at us later, but it was always, “Rush, rush, rush!”  This particular one is one of my goals as part of my exercise I talked about.  It’s easy to out-eat feeling full.

What I’m doing: I check what time it is, with a goal of twenty minutes for a meal (I’m hoping to get to a little longer, like thirty minutes, but twenty is a good start).  I make an effort to put down the food or the fork between bites, and I’m trying to sip a drink in between.  It’s still hard, because I’ll go on autopilot and completely forget.

Absurdly polite.  Nope, not at all.  I think this one is a difference between men and women.  Girls are raised to be polite and nice, but boys aren’t, so it’s more of a cultural change for them.

Sleeping anywhere.  Heck, I couldn’t even do that when I was in the military.  I’d see some soldiers go out like a light at the blink of an eye.  I’d be tired and try to go to asleep in the back of a truck and be acutely aware of everyone bounce and bump.  I still don’t know how they did it.

Some of the comments also mention carrying things in the left hand, so that the right was ready to salute if needed.  I do carry everything in my left hand, though I could never figure out why!

I also still hang my clothes to face the left, too.  If I hang it the opposite way, I have to stop to fix it.

2 thoughts on “Habits of the Military

  1. Eating fast – damn that’s a hard one to break! On a ship, it was hurry up & eat, get back to work / go on watch / etc. Left hand – yep. Sleeping – yep. Politeness – mostly. I have a hard time calling older people by their first names. I work for a family owned company and have no problems calling the current owner by his first name, but his dad…nope, He’s Mr. Hare.

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