10 Stories in 10 Weeks

Starting this week, I’m going to be doing 10 Stories in 10 Weeks.  I did the same thing a few years ago, and it was hugely successful.  I produced one story a week, proofread it, and submitted it to a magazine.

The only way to make money in indie is to produce lots of stuff, and I’ve been having trouble this year getting this done.  I had a personal rejection that was pretty big an important, and it just messed me up.  The Desert Storm Reunion also had some baggage that I didn’t expect.  So I’m using this streak to help me get over that hump.

If you want, you can join in and share progress.  The rules:

  1.  One story completed each week, beginning to end, and proofread.
  2. The story is submitted to a professional paying magazine (five cents a word).
  3. The story should be in a genre.  Last time, I didn’t take that into account and wrote a lot of general fiction.  But there aren’t a lot of magazines that take general fiction and pay.
  4. The story can be flash fiction, but it should be in the 1,000 words range.  Most venues don’t want under 500, so those are hard to sell.  I have two 25o word ones I submitted to Alfred Hitchcock’s contest that I can’t submit anywhere else.
  5. Pick one thing you want to learn for each story.  It can be a craft skill like working on pacing or a subgenre you haven’t written in before, or even a theme that’s way out of what you would normally do.

My first story will be a Fantasy called Monkey River, which is inspired by Honduras and the howler monkeys.  And also by Mallows Bay.  For what I’m learning, it’s Sword and Sorcerery.  I’ve never written in that subgenre before, so this is new for me to try out.


4 thoughts on “10 Stories in 10 Weeks

  1. I’m so tempted to join you, Linda. Argh, if only I didn’t have two novels rattling around in my virtual drawer begging to be finished. . . Let me think on it some more. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this, and I hope you gets lots of stories published. What resources do you use for finding markets. I kind of like Duotrope but am not 100% sold on it yet.


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