10 Stories in 10 Weeks: Story 1

Yay!  The story is done.

The day the first post went live, I woke up and I felt awful–scratchy throat, hoarse, cough.  My first thought was “Oh, crap,” because I wasn’t going to let being sick keep me from writing the story, but I didn’t want to write the story when I was sick.

It wasn’t a cold though.  More than likely it was because the temperature went from 69 to 30s, and my sinuses didn’t like it much.  So that day, when I came home from work, I had a terrible sinus headache.  Figured I’d do 30 minutes on the story to get something done.  Did about an hour.  Felt better, but still had the headache.

The story is called Monkey River, and it’s a 3,500 word fantasy.

At the moment, it isn’t in submission.  The market I was thinking of sending it to disappeared, and I have something in at the other markets where I could send it.  Or it’s too long for one of the markets.  I did find a new one that might be a possibility, but their submission software is broken.  When I try to register, it says my email address is in use and to use another (ate two email addresses from this).  When I try logging in, it says either the email or the password is wrong, but when I request a new password, it says the email doesn’t exist.


Next story?  I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my end of year stuff.  I discovered that the county will shred two paper bags of paper once a month.  I took down two this weekend that have been sitting and filled up two more with the papers that need to go next month.

I’m also working on setting up a filing system for the business side.  Even if I’m not a sole proprietor yet, the time to get into good habits is now.  I ran into this site, which had a lot of good information on the bookkeeping side.  He gives a lot of options for filing systems.

I’m taking a six-week workshop on interior book design, using Adobe InDesign, which starts this week (yes, while I am writing these 10 stories).  I was finding that trying to put up ebooks via Microsoft Word was just too complicated.  I could use a template for Smashwords that was easy once I worked it out, but Amazon had additional steps that resulted in it being difficult to get the stories up.  Then there was the Desert Storm book, Soldier, Storyteller, which was a nightmare trying to get up on Smashwords, and now a relative wants it in paper form.  Yikes!