The Love Me Wall

When I was in the military, any of the guys who had an office had a “love me” wall, as it was called. The military gives out certificates for just about everything except going to the bathroom, and the love me wall is a place to display them.

Some of the guys would use only the more prestigious and nicer certificates. Those included discharge and re-enlistment certificates, because when you re-enlist, you are discharged from the military first. Those and the certificates for medals are pretty fancy. Color printing, embossed, nice paper. Made for display.

Then there were the guys who put them ALL up. Not just the prestigious ones, but the ones made on a copier for a class that was 4 hours. I looked at that one and thought it wasn’t worth the frame it was in. But the guy had it up anyway.

I’m guessing it’s like showing off the trophies that you won. Shows you won something. Though I’m not entirely sure how that equates to a 4-hour class. I suppose I could print all the certificates I’ve gotten over the years from work training, but really? On the wall to show I did it? Why?

Of course, it might be a gender thing.

So on the Desert Storm Facebook page, one of the guys asked if the women vets ever had a love me wall. None of us did. There are other things that are better to put up on walls.

One thought on “The Love Me Wall

  1. Lisa

    I have one! It has a shadowbox for all of my crows E-2 thru E-5, rockers and name tags from all my commands, the leather name patch off my ugly work sweater, the eagle off my combination cover, and my medals/ribbons/warfare designation pin. Then I have plaques for decommissioning my first ship and reenlisting on the other. Then I have framed patches from a WestPac cruise And I have 3 framed certificates from crossing the Equator / Int’l Date Line / Persian Excursion. However, I didn’t frame and hang any of the certificates from postal machine training or anything, tho. 😛


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