An Officer and an Emu

PowerPoint’s a pretty big deal in the military. The program had just been introduced when I enlisted, and working in the training room, I had to do a quarterly training briefing. This was in the days before you could do all the steps electronically, so if someone said, “We’re changing the template!” horror ensued.

But sometimes the horror is something really unintentional.

I was working with an lieutenant, and we were doing a presentation being given to a senior officer. The lieutenant put this picture of this emu at the end of presentation.

Emu photo emu_face001.jpg

We all kind of scratched our heads at the wisdom of this.

The lieutenant said he used it all the time in officer’s candidate school as a tension breaker. So we shrugged, since he had final say.

As we prepped for the briefing, I printed out the official biography of the senior officer, along with his photo. Gave it to the lieutenant . It was about half an hour before the senior officer was arriving.

Next thing I know, the lieutenant bolted back to change the briefing. Seems the senior officer looked a bit like the emu …

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