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I published three new stories over the weekend, and it made me realize I needed some kind of information sheet for them.  There were a lot of moving parts!

The military had what was called a “Smart Book.”  It refers to a book the trainees were given in Basic Training.  We kept it in our cargo pocket, where it got all sweaty and smashed up.  Any time we stood in line, we were supposed to have it out and be reading it.

What did it contain?  Basic things about the military, like rank.  Designed as a reference for the trainee and easy to read.

I decided I needed a “smart book” for my indie publishing.  The three stories below make ten (woo-hoo!).  Partially, the reason was that the process was starting to get complicated, and I didn’t want multiple files.  For example, I just downloaded an image for Rogue God, my novel.  I haven’t done anything else yet, but I needed to save the cover credit somewhere.

Smart Book.

Then there’s the keywords, which I can dash off at any time.

Smart Book.

So I have all the following:

  • Title
  • Original Title (because I have some stories I retitled, for various reasons.  Devil Winds was originally called The Devil Dances on Whisky Flats.  It sounded too much like a Western, and the new title is a much better one).
  • Type of manuscript (short story, novel, etc.)
  • Blurb
  • Submission History (where I submitted and dates rejected.  I hate, hate, hate keeping a spreadsheet).
  • Epublishing History (includes the price and the dates I published it; the categories for each vendor, since some of them varied, particularly on Foggy Paws; ISBN; Cover Image Credit; Keywords)

I like having it Evernote because it’s not much effort to access it.  I don’t fuss with tags; I just put them in a folder called Smart Book.  Meanwhile, here’s the covers to the three books.

Cover for Foggy Paws showing a girl and a dog Cover for Booby-Trap at Beaver River showing a woman standing on a cliff Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet

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