The Accidental Dining Room Table

This last week, I bought a new dining room table.   The old table was left over from when I was in the Army.  I’d just moved in, had no furniture at all (because I’d lived in the barracks prior), and a fellow soldier sold it to me to for $200.

The table was serviceable, but honestly, generic furniture for parents and kids.

Last week, I saw something in Real Simple about a pedestal table, and I thought I’d look around.  Because, really, the table I had took up a lot of space, and besides, I hadn’t ever picked it because I’d liked it.  I’d gotten it because it was there.

So I wandered into one furniture store.  Meh.  Didn’t see anything I liked. But I was only just looking. Get an idea of what I liked.

Saw the furniture store that had replaced my Borders.  Hadn’t been inside the building since Border’s closed.  Sure I could look inside and see how different it was (I couldn’t tell it had been a bookstore).

Wandered around. They were having a half-off sale, and the table was on sale.  And it was what I wanted, so I bought it.  Didn’t buy the chairs, even though they were half-off too, because I didn’t like them.  I’ll get those separately, though I have one I can use with it now.


I want to replace all the Army legacy furniture (bed frame, sofa, drawers).  But the table was a particular focus because it’s the only piece of furniture I never actually picked out.  I also I wanted the dining room space for my writing office (the table is small enough to be in the living room, and by the window).

And I wanted to respect the meals more than I have.  Getting a table I want to eat on is a start.

Rogue God is out on Amazon.


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