Navy and Marine Corps changing gender-based job titles

It’s been—must be decades now—since I had anyone call a flight attendant a stewardess or steward.  It never made sense to me.  Why did we need to identify in the job title that the person was male or female?

Now the Marine Corps and the Navy are changing their job titles, like corpsman, to be more gender-neutral, and in my opinion, probably more accurate.  When I watched Star Trek, my first reaction to hearing Yeoman Janice Rand’s job title was, “What the heck is that?!”  According to Oxford Dictionary, it’s “A petty officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard performing clerical duties on board ship.”  Not intuitive to the non-Navy types!

Worse though is that the gender naming treated women as if they were going to get over this silly thing of working and go back home.  So it’s about time and probably way too late.  Army and Air Force, it’s your turn.