Women on subs

I grew up watching reruns of Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,  with David Hedison.  I managed David’s website for about 10 years.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was set on board a futuristic submarine with these awesome front windows so you could see what was going on outside.  The first season started out with spies, which were hot everywhere, and then abruptly the trend died, so they went to science fiction and monsters with the change to color.

And the show lacked women.  The producer, Irwin Allen, thought women were too expensive because their make up took longer, so the show had so few women in the later years you could count them on one hand.  It was a shame, because the Seaview was set up as a private research submarine, and they could have easily added a woman or two to the cast.

But now real submarines are going to have women.  That is something I might have tried.  Aside from being in the wrong service, but still … submarines.


Required submarine reading:

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