The case of the watermelon

Nothing says summer like seeing the first of those wedges of watermelon come out at the grocery store.  That beautiful red fruit, dripping with juice.  Yum!

I always like to buy one of those quarter wedges.  It’s a huge piece of fruit, and a quarter wedge is about the right size so I can eat it before it goes bad.

This year, the grocery store I normally shop at is not offering wedges.  They have the cut up water melon in the containers, which goes for something $5-$8 each, and some packaged pieces cut off, which is about a cup of watermelon.  Also expensive.

So I went to store two, and they were just like store one.

Store three had the wedges.

Grocery stores, this just starts to feel like you’re ripping off the customer under the guise of “convenience.”