Wonder Woman for President

I watched the TV series Wonder Woman in it’s original run (The Mighty Isis was the first woman superhero to make TV).  The series stared Lynda Carter, who had won Miss World USA.

I grew up reading a big book of the old Wonder Woman comics.  The stunts in the TV show were awesome.  Never got too violent; they were more of the showy, flashy ones that were typical of the 70s shows (Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Six Million Dollar Man).

My favorite season was the second season.  That’s where they brought the stories into the current era and introduced both spies and science fiction.  Particularly memorable was one episode where David Hedison guest starred as a charming thief who romanced a queen (still one of my favorite performances of his).  I always thought there was a sequel in there, but disappointingly not.

Now Lynda Carter is going to be playing the President of the United States on Supergirl!  That’s going to be awesome.