Changes to the Blog

You’ve probably noticed some updates to the blog that are different.

Currently I have two websites, one over at, and the blog.  I built the .com like how I did David Hedison’s site.  Same provider, too (which my brother recommended).

But when I published 13 books, I ran into some problems.

The first one was that web design takes a lot of time.  That’s time NOT writing.  I stopped doing David’s site because I wanted to do more writing.

I’m a writer, not a web designer. (Obligatory Star Trek quote.)

So I started using a template the host provided. They had plenty to choose from.  But the template created the second problem: Their market is based on the assumption you might update the site a few times a year.  The template is difficult and fussy to update, consuming about as much time if I were to design it myself.

So I’m looking to merge the two sites on this blog.

I bought a new domain name,, which is already hooked up.

I’ve also begun blogging seven days a week.  I’ve been having trouble with productivity, so I’m hoping the blog with joggle me into writing more on the fiction side..

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