Navy’s one size fits all on uniforms

When I was in the army, I never much liked the skirt part of the Class A uniform (which was green then).  The reason was pretty basic: If I wore the skirt, I had to wear those god-awful pumps.  My feet are very wide, and anything pointed = bad, bad idea.

Women have always had two parts to the uniform, a pants and low quarters shoes version, and a skirt and pumps version.  Now the Navy is now proposing to make all the uniforms for women look like the ones men wear, to make everyone look equal.  But instead:

“By trying to hide female sailors and Marines in formation by putting them in male uniforms, it suggests that leaders are ashamed of women. Servicemen and women can be equal without having to wear the exact same uniform that, when it comes down to it, was designed for men, not women.”

The bad part is that the upper levels of leadership can’t see this.  Speaks for how much the leadership still can’t relate to having women in the service.  This is why it’s so important that more women get into the upper ranks where these decisions are made.