The joy of creating your own covers

When I was thinking of going the traditional route, I heard over and over that writers had very little say in their book covers. I heard also horror stories where a writer got stuck with a cover that was inappropriate for the book.
So there’s something very magical about designing my own covers and picking what’s right for my story and the genre.
It’s like another piece of telling the story, something to draw the reader in.

The bad part is when I start looking for images it’s a lot of “Oh, Shiny!” There are a lot of wonderful images that would make covers. I usually have to go back to my lightbox later and delete all the other ones I bookmarked (grin).
These are some of the covers for what’s coming. Quartet of Clowns is already out.

Cover for Sky HairCover for A Quartet of ClownsScientist's WidowBetween Black and WhiteThe Library PatronFive Fantasy Heroines

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