Starship Enterprise on display at Smithsonian

The Smithsonian restored one of the miniatures of the Enterprise that was used during the filming of Star Trek.  It’s now on display in Washington, DC. (will see if I can get pictures, though Metro’s repair work will make it difficult to get downtown).

Movies and TV today have largely converted over to using computer animation—miniatures are expensive to construct.  Probably time consuming to film, too.  But I find that, despite how far technology has come, the miniatures still look more real.  They have a 3D quality that animation just doesn’t have.

I’d rather have them focus on the good stories first.  Special effects are meaningless—and still expensive—if the story isn’t that good.

2 thoughts on “Starship Enterprise on display at Smithsonian

    1. I heard of meetings where the executives came up with an eye popping special effects sequence, then wrote the story around it. Hard to have a good anything writing a film like that.


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