U.S.S. Enterprise Sighting

I never expected that I would one day be able to see the Enterprise miniature from Star Trek up close.  I first saw Star Trek back in 1976, when it aired on KTLA on weekends.  I was instantly hooked.

But the rest of the world was like “Why?!!  Really?!!” A schoolmate kept sneering at me and telling me that Little Rascals was so much better (they were airing at the time on KTLA, too.  I never thought much of them).

Every time the subject came up, my guitar teacher would say that her son had worked on the set and informed me how fake the set had looked.  Translation:  The show is so fake.  Why are you wasting time with it?

I doubt if she’d seen it at all.

In fact, in watching the cleaned up episodes, I’m amazed at how well it does look.  Especially considering the budget limitations they had.

Today, I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to check out the miniature, which went on display Tuesday.  The model does not look fake or cheesy in person.   It looks like it could be a real ship.

Well, if you look at only one side.  The cameras only filmed one side of the ship; the other side doesn’t have any details, and wires are sticking out.

Pictures, pictures, pictures:


Front view of enterprise
Warp Six!


Side view of Enterprise
Isn’t that detailing amazing?


Enterprise--side without markings
The unmarked side. In the lower corner is a red dome. That’s the original nacelle, which is made out of wood. It was replaced so the curators could light up the ship


And while I was there, I had a space buddy watching my back.

Me with an astronaut behind me


3 thoughts on “U.S.S. Enterprise Sighting

  1. Well, it does look amazing indeed. I just posted a Star Trek-related piece about the writer for the first episode that aired on September 8, 1966. Do you recall, “The Man Trap”? I think it’s one of my favorite episodes.


  2. Pearl R. Meaker

    How cool! I wish I lived closer to the east coast, I’d love to go see it. I’ve been a fan of the original Star Trek since . . . well . . . September 8, 1966. Oddly, that was 12 days before my 12th birthday. 🙂


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