Library Cat’s Job Is Saved

This reminded me of when I was in college.  The library, of course, had a library cat.  The cat was called Libby (bet you can guess why).  He looked like the cat from this article, in fact, though he was wild and didn’t want humans around except for the plate of food!

From NPR: Why the city council of White Settlement, Texas, decided to fire Browser, mascot and rodent hunter of the public library is not clear, but the vote two weeks ago was 2-1 to banish Browser…

Source: Library Cat’s Job Is Saved

One thought on “Library Cat’s Job Is Saved

  1. Pagadan July 7, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    I was glad to hear the follow-up to this story (I read one about a cat being ousted from a library a while back); and the comments made some good points.


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