Ignorance is a path to failure

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I like to read a lot of business books, and sometimes quotes catch my eye.  This one is from Trump 101: The way to Success by Donald Trump.

“Being well informed is a continuous and daily process.  Our world now moves so quickly that keeping up is a challenge.  Not keeping up is like quitting.  Don’t quit.  Learning everything you can because you never know when it might come in handy.”

There was a writer who I would have read forever because her books were that good, and they were about woman character who took on bad guys (I’m not telling who the writer is, but if you’ve read her, you’ll probably guess).  She had humor, and the characters were good, and the world she built was good.

I even saw her improve as a writer for the first few books.

Then she got successful, and she thought she knew everything about writing.  She not only stopped improving her craft, she regressed.  I hung around for a while, hoping the later books would have that magic, but it was gone.

And it was such a shame.  All because of ignorance.

One thought on “Ignorance is a path to failure

  1. I know of a few writers like that. I stopped reading their books. And some kept up their quality: Terry Pratchett, … Hmm. I was going to add two more writers whose many books were worth rereading. Lately, not so much. Disappointing.


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