What’s the first book you remember?

Books have always been a big part of my life.  I would go down to the library with my mother and come back with a load of books.  The earliest books I remember—and it’s weird because I even remember where the books were located on the shelf—were the Blaze books, which was about a horse.

When I looked it up, I was surprised to see it was Billy and Blaze.  I remember the horse.  I don’t remember the boy.  Guess it needed a girl.

What’s the book you remember?

3 thoughts on “What’s the first book you remember?

  1. I’m not sure what the first book was, but I remember The Book of Knowledge set that my parents bought us–and my first library; it was in the basement of the fire station in my home town. They have a big modern building now. I also remember the Bookmobile in Tampa.


  2. The first book I remember was a Ladybird book called “the first day of the holidays” – rather bizarrely, about a pair of young penguins called Pen & Gwen who had to pick peas on the first day of their holidays. They ran away and went joyriding on a stolen motorbike. My brother tracked down a copy on Amazon recently – it’s just as surreal as I remember it!


  3. Pearl R. Meaker

    I think it might have been either Blueberries for Sal or Make Way For Ducklings. Wonderful children’s books that are still in print. 🙂


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