Unusual Sighting at the Farmer’s Market

I walked down to the Farmer’s Market this morning, which I do every week.  It’s a small farmer’s market with about six or seven vendors.  During the spring and summer, there are a lot of people, and many of them bring their dogs.

So I did a double-take for a woman walking a black animal that, on a quick glance, was a medium-sized dog.

It was a pig!

He was on a leash, with a typical dog halter.  Thirty-eight pounds.  His nose was constantly working, sniffing the air.  Food!  Food!  Mine!  Mine!

As I made my rounds through the vendors, even the vendors were wanting to check out the pig.  People were departing vendors saying, “Okay, I have to see this pig.”

He was enjoying being the star of the show!


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