Entrepreneur Scarier than military?

Even when I started writing when I was little, I wanted to write full time.  Writing is so much fun–what else would be better than playing around with characters and story?  Though I listened too much to those myths that you can’t make enough money to live off, not realizing that if I didn’t go out after writing everything and anything, made the myths true.

Now the technology allows someone like me to publish my own books and eventually launch my own business.  It’s both a scary and exciting through, because there is no safety net of a job.  It has to work.  From an article on veteran entrepreneurs:

“I never got scared in the Marines or the fire department,” Green says, “but entrepreneurship is the scariest thing ever.”


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Scarier than military?

  1. Pearl R. Meaker

    Well, I’ve never been in the military so I can’t make that comparison, but yeah, I find all of the marketing, promotion, keeping records/accounts and social networking very intimidating. I’m by nature a creative person, not a business person.


    1. Writers have a huge disadvantage if they don’t think about the business side. That’s how a lot of them end up signing bad contracts or not getting the money that is actually owed to them.


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