Star Trek: Discovery

It was announced over this weekend that CBS would be premiering a new Star Trek series.  I have mixed feelings about it.

I remember when Next Gen came out.  It was so exciting!  The show was back.  I eagerly awaited for each new episode.  Bit that first season was pretty disappointing because the writers hadn’t figured out what they were doing yet.  They repeated episodes from the original series, and made some major missteps.

They eventually found their footing, and the series had some stunning episodes.

My mixed feelings for the new one are because the industry is focused more on dollars than story telling.  They see Star Trek as simply special effects and action in space, and not what it really was.  Sure, the stories had action, but they were about something.  They were entertaining, sometimes funny, and always tested your mind.

A few weeks back, I heard Chris Pine say that society wasn’t ready for Star Trek as it was.  I think it’s not society—we always been ready.  It’s the industry that’s not ready.


4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Star Trek is about so much more than special effects, it’s about the relationships between the characters and the quality of the stories. I’m not sure about these new offerings either.


    1. And also about things that happening that people don’t always want to talk about. That’s what good SF does, but the writers for the shows are coming from other TV shows, not SF.


  2. Pearl R. Meaker

    I agree. They need to go for good story, not just flash-bang special effects.

    I never got into the Star Trek versions that came after the original. The first New Generation episodes were so blah that I quit watching and never went back. I loved the movies and even love the new series of movies, but I just never got into the rest of the TV series.


    1. Next Gen did not start out good, but had some really awesome episodes once it found its footing. Contrastingly, I never liked any of the movies. Always felt like it was a TV show on the screen.


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