Linda Maye Adams

Take a peak inside my family’s historical house

My family’s historical house, the Havilah Babcock house, has a website.  The house was built by my great-great grandfather (the aforementioned Havilah), who was one of the co-founders of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Havilah designed everything in the house, picking the furnishings, the wallpaper—and after he died, the family left it all the way it was.  So you can take a peak inside at what Havilah designed.


  1. Pearl R. Meaker

    It’s so lovely! Does your family still live in the house?


    • Yes. It’s never been out of the family. It went from my great-grandfather, to his two daughters, and then to my grandparents, and now my uncle.


  2. livrancourt

    Such a gorgeous place! I think I remember you blogging about it before, but the pictures weren’t as details. So cool!

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  3. Thanks for giving us a chance to take a peek at your family’s historical house.

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  4. Lisa

    Beautiful! It’s so warm and welcoming looking!

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    • All designed by my great-grandfather. He was a dry goods merchant and quite popular with the ladies because he knew his textiles.


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