Mars a Shining Star during Desert Storm

Army tents against the sand
This was where I lived during Desert Storm. Pretty bleak looking, huh?

Last week, the founder of the Mars candy company died, reminding me of how Mars bars were a shining star during Desert Storm.

I’d been in Saudi Arabia just under a month.  Time’s different when you’re at war.  I know I was there six months, and it felt like years.  Our meals were the same day in, day out.  We had the same breakfast each day, and dinner repeated itself every three days.  Lunch was whatever MRE we could get.

Then it was Thanksgiving, and the military brought in all this wonderful food.

But the most exciting thing for me was finding Mars Bars on the display table.  There’s a scene in the original Battlestar Galactica where the ship emerges from a dark void and the stars appear.  It was like that, knowing home was still real, even if it was far away.